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March  30 2012
Hi All
The weather has been more like it is supposed to be as of the last 3 to 5 days. Today we have ice pellets and 36- 40 deg. temps, Steelhead fishing weather for sure !! Fishing has been very good still. The water here on the Pere Marquette settled down nicely for the last 10 days and has been real fishable. It has gotten a little clear so you will  need to pay attention to the dark water too. When no fish are on the reds guess where they went ?? And they all haven't left although some are in the process. Tthere is active spawning gravels going in the bottom of some deep holes as well as pocket water. Finish your drifts in the buckets off the back sides of the beds you may get a surprise bite.. Flies: Eggs, Black Stones, Hexes, Fry, Trout Streamers ,Pheasant Tails, Caddis all have caught fish. My favorite has been running bugs sometimes 2 at a time when there is hatching activity but there is no doubt eggs run the show for the most part.

We have caught fish at all stages old, moldy, new fresh, and refurbished chrome drop backs. The last couple drop backs have been jumping and going nuts. Almost like they are shocked that that egg wasn't real, drifting thru that 6' deep run. Super smolt have been slamming flies as well. Please take extra good care of them and the brown trout when releasing them skipper size fish. They are our future fish. Those larger Steelhead smolt will be leaving this spring following the adults back to the lake. They are a hoot to catch but need to be handled with care.


The Muskegon has fired up about a week ago during the 5000+ cfm days but I stayed away. I would like to go down there about now at 3500 cfm when it starts to look like a river again instead of something trying to kill you. On that river I like 3500 to 2000 range and it's just getting there I'm happy to see. At this point I'll fish either the PM or the MO.. Both are doing well just the scenery is different.


The lodge has been busy the last 10 days and I'd like to thank everyone for staying with us!!! It's been great seeing all you, and fishing with some of you.. Most have experienced a very good run so far. It's great to see the Pere Marquette having a solid rebound after getting the weir shut OFF. What a difference several good years of natural reproduction will make along with no restrictions of when they want to come up or go back to the lake.. Amen for that !

If interested for a trip here on the Pere Marquette river or the Muskegon river in April I'm open 3,4,7,8,10,11,12 then it opens up some from there.. I'd love to show you the great fishery we have here on the West side of Michigan... 
Come on up! Spring has sprung even a few mushrooms popped during that heat wave. I had a pan full a few days ago..YUM...Starting to see some ATV and Dirt bikes trail riding as well. ATV Riding, Fishing, Mushroom Picking is all going on up north...
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