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December  19, 2011
Hi All
Christmas time is near and the Steelhead are here..The snow and cold has been holding off. Last season at this time we had over a foot of snow on the ground and snowmobiles were running about. There was about 6 to 8 cars around green Cottage this a.m. so there are a few people starting their Holidays early. In the past month we have been enjoying some great Steelheading. We have had a few frigid days and had the heaters going to warm our hands after knocking the ice out of the guides or after landing a fish. Soon we'll be snowmobiling and ice fishing most days and these nice warm 35 to 40 deg. days will be a thing of the past..We have really been lucky this season so far weather wise. We've been having some great rain on and off and the river has risen and dropped a couple times bringing up new fish each time. 

Eggs, stones, hexes, streamers and plugs have all been catching fish from way down low all the way up to the fly water. The fish are scattered throughout the system. I haven't been putting my hands on very many Browns as of late but I still see a few pictures here and there from post but they have been off my radar for a while now..

Had a Trip on Dec 3 rd. with Philip and Andrew we had a great day of plugg-en down low. Thanks guys had a great day on the water with you..
Dec. 6 th . and 9 th. were fun fishing days on the water with John and we had one day it was slow fishing and the second day out we made them pay with both flies and plugs..

On Dec. 13 th. I went fun fishing with our maintenance man Jim to treat him to some good Steelheading and we did well with both flies and plugs..


I have walked in the fly water Dec. 16 th. and 19 th. with Tommy L. and we have both been doing well. I have been working the nymphing rig and he has been using both the swing stick and a nymphing set up. Numbers are up this year and the fishing has been good to great most of the season. You can still run across the wrong cold front and have a tough or slow day but we haven't been completely shut out yet. So no complaints here..


We have some rooms and plenty of open dates to guide thru the winter months. Hope to see some of you soon over the Christmas/ New Year Holidays..

Happy Holidays To All
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