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November 22, 2012
Hi All
I'm back home from my Missouri bow hunt. I've had a few busy weeks of catching up around here with projects, trips etc..We had a total of 7 guys from Michigan down for the bow season and 2 guys stayed for riffle and 2 more guys went down just for riffle. So a total of 9 guys from Michigan went down. I stay with my grandma Mary who is 90 and sharp as a tack and gets around real well still. The rest of the guys rented a house this year and a couple other guys stayed in a Super 8 in a town near by..
Everyone had a good time and some had a great time. Dan scored the biggest buck a 15 pt. ( main frame 11pt.) that will measure in the mid 160's for sure with a bow and weight was around 300 lbs. Dan also got a triple bearded Tom Turkey with 1" spurs with a bow. Dan also stayed for firearm deer and shot a 120 class 8 point. Needless to say Dan will be going back to MO. he's sold and had a great trip his first time to MO...Dan's big buck was in a cut corn field at 40 yds. blew a grunt his way, turned him and shot him at 6 yds..ran 40 yds.. Nice work Dan on your biggest Deer !! 


Brad has been going for 3 years to MO. He fell in love his first year and didn't get a Deer that season but saw what he needed to see and had some opportunity. Last season he shot a nice 120's 8 point and he got another 120's 8 point the last 15 min of the bow season this year and a doe a couple days earlier. He filled both his Archery tags for Deer and had a great hunt. He too stayed for firearm and almost scored a big buck during firearm. It was a Deer he had seen bow hunting. I don't think he will be getting out of his stand on opening day of firearm Deer any time soon. That Deer he was after was bigger than Dan's they think..
Brad's brother Joanna shot a 150's 9 point around 300 lbs. with a crossbow. He also got a doe with his crossbow a few days earlier.This is a good story. Last evening of the hunt walking out with some shooting light a 1/4 mile back to the car head hanging low going home without a buck. Then he see's this buck going crazy rubbing/ thrashing a tree in a swale. The stalk is on! He get's 50 yds. in a cut corn field from the buck. The buck sees him and doesn't know what he is so he comes over to investigate. Stops at 20 yds. chest facing him and puts a arrow from his crossbow under his throat and out the back end. Joanna is permitted to shoot a crossbow with a surgery on the books coming up soon. Joanna was down last year but had to leave early sick. He too knows why you drive south 11 hours..He also tagged out with his archery tags.
Myself, I saw 1 doe & 3 other decent bucks all around the 115 to 130 class 8-10 pt. bucks all on a Tuesday a.m at 10 yds. after a cool down and a good rain. I had another hunt where I seen 20 does and a scrub buck within 20 yds...So I shot a doe, next to the last day of the bow season and never seen the buck of my dreams. So I'll go back next year looking for that next bigger better buck than the one on the wall.
Matt, Reggie & son, left seeing deer and had some opportunities at doe's,coyote, and turkeys with a bow but didn't connect with mister big..Reggie was out for a day last year and shot a small 8 pt.. It was good to see him back this year . William and Brad that came down for the firearm Deer seen a bunch of doe's and one or two bucks but no trophy bucks in there cross hairs it was there first year down there in MO..
It was a great group of guys and my uncle Mike and I enjoyed having all of them down to Missouri for some good hunting. What I tell people is "this is a vacation with hunting"..Fair chase, this isn't no canned hunt, behind a big fence. All these guys are "do it yourself" they lease the land from my uncle and I, then hunt and figure it out. Being a good hunter and putting in your time is the name of the game. None of these Deer are baited,handed out like candy or served up on a platter. They are well earned..
The fishing has been tough. The fish are there but hard to catch with the low clear water. We need water flow for speed, more depth, and some kind of stain..I can't wait till we get back into some kind of a rain pattern again.
Hope to be doing more fishing in the near future. I have a couple trips on the books for next week. If interested in a trip I'm open November 24-28th. December is wide open for some Steelhead fishing..Also we have sold a few Gift Certificates last week!! Christmas is around the corner and everyone loves a Guided Trip on the river or a room here at the Red Moose Lodge for a night or two. So call us soon and we'll get those out in the mail to you before Christmas..
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