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November 19,  2011
Hi All
Been home for almost a week from my bow-hunting trip. The hunt was good. Everyone in the group of 6 guys that came down either saw or had the opportunity to shoot the biggest buck and biggest rack they've ever encountered in the woods while hunting. Now I won't go into details about all the heart breaking misses on big bucks for the trip, all I'll say is there was more than one, BUT "No use in crying over spilt milk" and a "Better luck next time" is all you can say about that..They are there and that's really all I need to know to keep me going back.
Almost every day any one of us could have taken doe's. Johnny Matson shot a nice 11" bearded Tom Turkey with his bow at 32 yards. His first Turkey with a Bow and largest bird he's shot, congrats Johnny.. Another guy, Keith shot over a Hen Turkey around 25 yards. Keith and Johnny's spot, a 120 acre farm that had Turkey around almost every day of there hunt. Johnny had a great look at a large mature 8 pt. Keith saw a few nice bucks but not quite close enough to shoot... A good piece of woods for sure..
Ken and Brad were hunting another farm and while they didn't have Turkeys crawling all over them this season, they did have many nice bucks and lots of doe's walking by at close range. Brad connected with a nice 7 pt. This was his best buck to date and Brad will definitely find a place on the wall for this fella. Woulda been a perfect 8 but a brow tine was busted off. Ken also saw a large 10 pt. one of the days in the stand. This farm is a 160 acre piece and lots of good places to hunt..
Brad's brother Johonna and friend Reggie were at another farm. A 240 acre piece and had a encounter with a huge buck while setting up there stands. The next a.m. Reggie shot a 7 pt. his biggest to date but not the big one..Jona became ill and those 2 had to leave early. To bad because that property has potential. A couple guys hunted that one stand a day or 2 but that 240 acre piece was left alone pretty much and has some other good stand locations to try...
On the 110 acre farm I hunt on was a little slower this season. I have no water or pond on a very dry year, the neighbor tilled under there cut beans and had winter wheat planted, and a lovely neighbor or 2 decided to invite themselves to ride atv's on my property. So once I saw the tracks I knew my #'s would be a little off. I still saw plenty of Deer and could have killed 2 different bucks in the 120-125 class but nothing I would put on the wall so I let them ride till next year..I hope they make it..They will be real nice bucks next season. Or if the guys who leased it for Firearm Deer connect they will have a couple nice bucks for there first trip to Missouri..
I fixed a few things on the farm I hunt while down there by adding a water hole. I have a creek that usually has some water in it and even the spring was dry this year. They hadn't had any rain water for 10 weeks. So dry was a under statement. While I was hunting they had 4"-5" of rain over a couple of the days. All the water soaked into the ground and/ or ran off. So I got to thinking" how am I going to catch some water". My creek had 2 different 10" to 12" natural drops like water falls. So I bought a $12  55 gal. plastic barrel cut it in half. So I dug in both 1/2 barrels and ran tarps above to the barrels for 3' to 5' to catch water and run it into the barrels. Once the project was complete with rip rap/ rocks I ran 75 gal of water and filled the whole area. It worked out real well. If I would have had this done before I got there I would have filled it and with the rain we had while I was there most of the water would have been caught also. After that more posting and wires to keep out the trespassers..
Next season a acre or two of standing corn will be there so whatever the neighbor dose farming wise, will have less affect. I think I had a few less deer because of the winter wheat. There were many more Deer around last year finishing off all the beans left over..Winter wheat is like parsley at the moment compared to acorns, corn, beans, and milo on the ground. Don't get me wrong they like winter wheat plenty but they will wear a path thru a winter wheat field to get to something better.
Came home last Sunday night and had a Steelhead trip on Tuesday. So I spent Monday unpacking and getting geared up for a Steelhead trip..We went 1 for 6 on a fly fishing trip in the mid section of the river. While I was gone we had some high water and it was on it's way down and fishable by the time I got home..I also went fun fishing on Thursday this week to kick around and scout out the lower river and went 4 for 5 with flies, fishing by myself. Kinda a trick landing them alone with a 10' rod, long leaders and hot chrome fish..I amazed myself when I was 4 for 4 and then the bite slowed and I had to work for the last bite that got away. Can't get them all to the boat..I had fun it's just too bad someone else wasn't there to enjoy the good fishing or take my picture..So a quick pic on the floor is all you get after I got the flies out. I love this time of year those fish revive so well in the cold water..All were splashing me in the face after 30 seconds in the icy cold water.
Plenty of fish in the river systems up here. I have herd good reports from friends of mine that guide the Big Manistee. I haven't been up there myself lately but I believe them..The reports around here on the PM are good for the most part. A few are hooking double digits but the most I've herd landed was around 7. Anyway's plenty of fish around for a shot at some chrome bullets. Anyone interested in a trip I only have a few days booked from here till after Christmas. This is peak Fall Steelhead in my opinion and I'd love to take you out fishing, instead of catching them myself. So give me a call and I'll do my best to find them and put you on them..
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