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October 27,  2011
Hi All
Just a quick report. Had a few Steelhead trips last week. We had good luck in the flywater with Steve hooking 3 and landing one and Steve and Garrett both caught some Salmon to boot. I also had some good plug action up on the Manistee last Saturday. One day the bite was really good and the second day they were nippy and we didn't do well until we found a hot plug or maybe it was just the right time of day and a front was moving in on us..Who know's but that plug and spot saved the day and Tim and Richard boated a couple nice Steelies back to back..Needless to say I will be stocking up on a few more of those plugs..


Leaving to go to Mo. to bow hunt soon and have these open dates before I leave..

 October 28-31 open
November 14th.-- 30 th. open


Hopefully my next report will have a bunch of great deer pictures and stories. I have 5 friends going out this year and I hope they have the same great time I have had the last 2 seasons down there..
Tight Lines and Shoot Strait



October 20, 2011

Hi All
This should be the last salmon report from me. The river is still pretty thick with a mix of King and Coho Salmon, sprinkled with a few Steelhead. I had a couple days of chasing Steel in the lower river last week and only hooked 3 one day and 5 on another day. One of the days it was all egg flies the other it was all plugs as the water was colored up and rising. Leaves were the worst I've seen, both days as the hooks were loaded most of the day. That trip was a week ago and the leaves are getting under control as most are down now and starting to mat down to the forest floor. Thank the lord for that. We landed a few but all were skippers and the big guys gave us the wood. They need to grow up so a quick release and no picture was in order as they were going crazy. So for the PM it's still early but not impossible to catch Steelhead.



We have had rain for the last couple days. The river has a stain and a little extra flow. Still clear enough to see good and wade in the upper river.The water is on a slow rise. The rain was a slow steady soaker. I fished in it most of the day yesterday, my customer from Florida was missing his nice warm saltwater fishing. Last week it was in the 80's. here. Yesterday and today it feels like 36-37 deg. cold/ wet Steelhead weather for sure.


My Open October Dates are 24th.---31st

My Open November Dates are 14th.--30th.

I will be in Mo. Bow Hunting with friends November 1st. till the 13 th. So I will miss some good Steelhead action. If you would like to get on the water before I leave or after I get back give me a call.. Enjoy the great Fall weather, winter is around the corner..

Thank You All For A Great Salmon Season !!
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