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September 21, 2011

Hi All

It's Salmon season and the fish are here in great numbers. Some are starting to hit the gravel beds and there are still holes holding large #'s of green ones staging up. We have been getting a small amount of rain. The river is still low a clear but has a little more volume. In other words it's very wadeable still and there are just a couple inches more water between the bottom of my drift boat and the rocks/ logs I've been scraping. Some fish are spawning out and few dead ones here and there. Some new ones coming in. Now we are just getting a rotation of fish like that for a while. Lots of big fish this season. Biggest so far for me was with Dave who landed a 25 lb. King on a streamer behind a egg and I've had 4 others 22 lb to 24 lb range. I haven't had a jack Salmon even on a line yet this season. These are the biggest Salmon I've seen since about 1992-94 back in the day. Smallest we've landed has been in the 10 lb range. I have been seeing a few jacks showing up around the gravels being a nuisance to the big males. That's what those jacks do best.

A Huge Thank You to everyone who has stayed with us and been doing guided trips with us for the past 3-4 weeks during the early portion of the Salmon season. Peak season is here for the next 3 weeks. People are here from around the world to enjoy our world class fishery right here in some of our back yards literally or only a few hours from our homes. Please be kind to everyone and enjoy yourselves on the Pere Marquette River..

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My open guide dates are: October 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 17 thru 20, 24 thru 31...these are prime dates for Kings, Cohos, Steelhead and Trout.




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