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September 6  2011
Hi All
This season has been different than the last few years. A very good early run, and big fish. As you have probably heard by now, the mid and upper river is holding good #'s of staging fish. These are the mean green Salmon. This last week I had some fly fishing clients on a group trip. All the anglers had been getting their butts kicked pretty good all morning. Out of the 4 anglers it was Salmon 50, anglers none. The young angler in the group, Finn was his name, stepped up to the hole where I was anchored cooking lunch. He hooks this Salmon first cast and 5 seconds later the 18lb fish jumps in the boat. This thing thrashed my boat, kicked my grill on its side, knocked my cup holder loose and was totally nuts. The young man was happy he finally got his hands on one. He had so many battles I'm pretty sure he's hooked for life..These fish are tough to land on the fly rod..We never once hooked into what I would call a manageable size one.. I'm waiting for the pictures. Waiting for the pictures, pretty much describes this report. There all pretty much on clients cameras. Makes for a quick report..
Had a little rain last week .75". Didn't effect the river a whole bunch.The ground soaked up most of it.. The cooler temps are finally feeling like Fall. That in fact will help a lot along with the brisk North wind. All this week night time lows are going to be in the lower 40's and a frost advisory here and there. Really the heat lately has been worst than the lack of rain..This week the bank of the Lake should be cold, the moon is coming back around and cool temps are all good. If we could just keep those daytime highs down some to 60- 65 instead of the 70-76 we would be in better shape.
I'll be out all week so maybe next report I'll have some picts..
We have had some cancellations on rooms as of late so don't be afraid to call and check the books.
On Trips I have September 13,21 open..
October 2,3,6,7,8,9,11,12 are open then things open up after the 16th. of October 
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August  22,  2011

Hi All
Not much new. The river is low and clear up top and trying to hold a little color down river. The fish are still down river but the numbers are low. Most of those fish found the water too warm to stick around and high tailed it upriver closer to the cold water tribs to rest and find there spawning grounds. Salmon fishing up stream and mid stream has had good #'s in the holes for early season and some guys are already putt-en the fly gear to them. Now not all the holes are stacked up but if you float a big enough piece of water and 2 good eyes you will find enough to hopefully scratch a itch. Jim and I went down stream Saturday a.m. and went 2 for 3 and had a couple others slap the lures. One Salmon was a male that boga gripped out at 22 lbs., the other a 13 lbs. female that was dime bright and was leaving scales in the net and on the floor FRESH CHROME. Both revived very well and were released to fight another day or naturally reproduce.
Trout fishing has slowed a little with the Salmon pushing and shoving them out of there favorite spots leaving the Trout confused, scared and not sure what to do. We noticed less trout in holes and many moving out to the flats for whatever reason. It could be safer for them on the flats kinda like Geese, Cranes and Wild Turkeys like being in the middle of a large open field.That makes it harder for something to sneak up on them and give them the advantage to be able to get away from Fox, Coyotes, Wolves, and people..Just a theory..They will like those Salmon a whole lot more when they start throwing EGGS down the river. Don't usually see to many fish on gravel beds until around Labor Day weekend early in the a.m..
I still have good openings in August, September and October for guided trips. If interested please call soon..
August open dates are 29,30,31
September open dates are 1,2,5,13,18,21
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