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June 13 th. 2012
Hi All
The river out back is low and clear and the guage at Scottville is around 475 cfm which is very low and slow. The temps have been warmer than normal for this time of year. So the early pattern continues and everything seems to be 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time. I saw my first Hex fly May 20 th. in my flood lights on my sign. That's almost a full month early. I did my first hex trip June 9 th. and there were bugs and feeding fish but my client wasn't able to connect the fly to the fish so unfortunately no pictures. He did leave with the experience and got to see  the Hex Hatch first hand. This was something he had only heard about. The Hex season has begun and guys are fishing for Trout most nights starting a week ago on the 6th. So in places where Hex flies fly it's been getting busy with boats and walk-in's. The next 3 to 4 weeks there will be some Big Trout caught on Hex's..
Yesterday I took out clients Pete and Steve and we had a good chase and bite day on streamers. Which surprised me as clear as the water has been. We moved and had on 4 quality fish 16"- 20" range and the rest were 6" to 14" range and lots of looks and nips. We landed quite a few but didn't feel like taking pictures of little/ medium guys and it's more important to get them back in the water and watch them swim off.
Last week I was over on the Ausable with friends Brett and Tom and the first day we got there we were pleasantly surprised that the water was over the banks and dropping with a good stain. Which is perfect for streamers and the bite was on too. Both guys had lots of action and we landed some nice fish picture worthy and lots of little guys as well. Our best was a 19" Brown and a 18" Rainbow and some Brookies to boot.
Fun fishing wise the past month. I have been out with Tommy Lynch a day last month throwing streamers and he connected with a giant 28" plus Brown Trout and I had the privilege to be rowing him and made a great net job and took a few pictures for him of his Beast Brown Trout. I had also spent some days on Lakes Mitchell and Pettibone with Jeff Hubbard casting big flies and body baits for Pike and caught a few Pike biggest was 24" and some Bass around 15" but nothing special mostly hammer handles. 

Around the lodge we have been doing new carpet, paint, and tile in the rooms, getting the driveway sealed and striped and the place is looking GREAT with lots of flowers and ready for the busy summer season. I'll also be glad when Gleasons Landing is improved with a NEW back down boat launch. The project is slated for June 18 th. and lasting that week. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. Anything will be better than it was and it is VERY appreciated to see some progress on this very busy canoe/ kayak/ and boat launch and take out. 

I have plenty of open dates to guide Trout trips if interested give us a call I'd love to take you fishing..
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