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May 30,  2013
Hi All,
The river has been up in the yard so many times this Spring I've lost count. But that's all good with me. Water = Life..More water = more life, big pond = big fish. All ready a 27lb King was caught yesterday and another 23lb King last week. Last season the big fish in the Ludington Tournament was a 24 lb. Brown caught by my friend Sean aboard "KatchMe". Biggest King was a 21lb. class in the 2012 tourey here, so seeing Kings caught already in the 23-27lb. class is great to see and these fish still have 4 or 5 months left to eat and grow. You better dust off your 10wt's. and have new line on your reels before this Fall's King run. Bait in the lake is way up as well.Thanks to a hung push of Biomass/dirty water from this Springs run off. This Biomass feeds the food chain from the bottom up. Add to that a bigger lake, fresher water and lake levels being up all = a bigger better migratory fishery.

I've been out big lake twice now. Once last week and another time yesterday. Mostly shake down missions on friends boats coming out of hibernation from the winter. So were out there burning out bad/old gas getting the tarnish out of the fuel bowls and rust and corrosion out of the old parts. Little fix up projects etc along the way. Fishing has been good. We went 7 for 8 with good water conditions in 3 hours and then the lake got all stirred up (big blow) and scattered the fish...then it became tougher to find them and worsened there mood to feed too. Now were waiting for the water to set up here North again while all the warmer water we had been pushed South (from North Blow) along with the schools of fish and their banging them really good 50 to 100 miles South of Ludington.

Trout fishing on the river is status quo, good and great if your a Streamer fisherman. All the water this Spring has been a real highlight this Spring season. For the dry fly guy, they curse the rain and heavier colder water. Not me, sorry. I like throwing meat and sizing them Trout at the hook. I dislike catching 3"-10" fish..all your doing is picking on the future fishery. Try throwing something those little guys can't even get there lips around the hook more often and you'll be doing yourself a favor in the long run. Now don't get me completely wrong, I'll take a 10" Trout over a total skunking butt kicking but after 1 or 2 of those little guys to the boat and now were going bigger flies/baits. I won't continue to whale away at those little guys not even worthy of a picture. Makes no sense to..

Lots of projects have been done this Spring. The 6" writing portion of our lower sign out front was looking shabby so I trimmed it out with new aluminum trim and new plastic to hold the letters and stainless screws. Then we upgraded our lawn chairs in the backyard to cedar chairs and a tet-a-tet around the fire pit. All the flowers and hanging baskets are now planted and we are praying for no more frosty nights. A new hot tub cover and lifter has been installed. Then finally we tore up the weed infested lawn next to the hot tub and sodded the entire area. The soil in Baldwin sucks for growing grass so we drove an hour to the nearest sod farm that does have good soil and picked up a load. Thanks to Jeff Hubbard for helping us get that sod laid!!


Last week Jeff Hubbard and I went for a good 6-8 hour dirt bike ride on our enduro/duel sport bikes. We had a blast. We have both been out in the garage for a month or two with only a few put puts in while working on getting the bikes fixed up and dialed in to our weight and riding skill level. We had fun and ran into lots of water after the rains but we managed to go around some of of them only after finding out a few holes were very deep. We both kept the bikes on 2 wheels which is my Only Goal every time I ride dirt or street bikes..


The pollen was horrible on our ride and put me on the couch with a headache for a couple days after but this time of year is bad for me outside. Another good reason I like to ride soon after rains, less dust. My wife this winter said to me "you do more outside in the Winter than in the Summer", I said "Bingo, why yes I do". Late Fall thru Mid March is my Favorite time of year outdoors because it's wet and frozen. To people with allegories to mold, pollen and dust it is at it's lowest then and I put on great outdoor gear and go enjoy having the rivers, lakes, trails and woods almost entirely to ourselves. Breathing in cool fresh oxygen rich air. In the summer I like Lake Michigan cool and wet is good for me. Hot, dry, dusty, and Mosquito infested woods. No Thanks I'll stay in the a/c those days..I would have made a good cave man..I always like them places too. Been on a ton of caves tours. Never met one cave I didn't like..
Going to Missouri to check on my farm next week and visit family. Going to see if I got some crops in the ground yet. They have had a slow start to the crop season with flooding rains and frost problems. I may even get to do the plowing, discing and planting. So I'll put on my farmer hat and fir up the old 1206 Massey Ferguson and do some sod bust-en on the 5 acres of food plots I want in this year.
I have lots of open dates to fish for Trout give me a call and well spend a great day or half day on the water and don't forget the Grey Drake hatch is here and the Hex hatch is near. Big Dries are coming and the big Trout are coming out to play.

Have a great time with the rest of your Spring and till next time.

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January 13, 2013

As of today's date, we have removed anonymous access of our live streaming web cam. What this means is that you will no longer be able to log on and take control of the camera and utilize it's pan, tilt and zoom features. You WILL however, still be able to view the camera any time you would like and we will make sure the camera is positioned in the best possible spots. This is a sad day for us. Our intention was to provide our guests and web site visitors the chance to use this camera and all of it's benefits. We have had a visitor that was misusing the camera and has made it impossible for us to continue providing it's benefits to everyone.

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