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May 3, 2010
Hi All
Just finished up my last Steelhead trip over the past Trout Opener weekend on the Muskegon. We found Steelies to play with and some nice Trout as well. Nothing huge in the Trout department has been in my net yet this season except Steelhead which are Trout still but it's not the same game..It's been a busy month since my last report. Been guiding and fun fishing a bunch of days. Thank You to all our great guests who came up for the Steelhead run it was fun while it lasted..Hope to see some of you back for Trout season.


April was colder than March and we finally have had some rain and warmer temps that we needed to get the streamer bite going stronger. Seems like all the bigger trout are still full from eggs and fry. They haven't had that hunger for the big bite. I just was over on the Ausable thinking no Steelhead eggs or Salmon fry so those fish should be hungry right. We were skunked the first day and only had 3 follows and one hit. The East wind and cooler temps put the kebash on that day. The next day was sunny and South wind, a much better bite. Had 3 around 18" to 20" on and landed a couple around 16"-17" and lost a few others same size range and landed a couple smaller fish around 12"-14" so the bite was much better. It's been the same here on the PM sunny warm days have been better than overcast, cooler, rainy days. Go figure.. 


We just had a whopper of a storm this a.m. and about 2"-3" of rain and even some hail came down.There is still some rumbling storms in the area and are expected to get another inch or two before the smoke clears. It was beating the roof hard this morning. So the river is on the rise for the next couple days. If you are waiting for favorable streamer conditions( not low clear) you better be on the phone or driving up in the near future. My boat is open if you would like to plan a trip! I love throwing streamers. We have rooms open as well !


For the past couple weeks I have been using the Steelhead as a bait pile and fishing Indicator rigs for Trout and fresh Steelhead in the buckets and tailouts. Now that it's leaning more towards Trout being the target we can down size the rods from 7 wt. to 5wt. with the same idea just less eggs, less weight and more nymphs. This is more commonly used when the water is back to low and clear river conditions.


There seams to be a ton of bugs hatching and in the air but the spinner fall and feeding hasn't been to impressive yet. I haven't been throwing very many dries as of late. Frosty a.m. and below average high temps have the bugs heading for the trees and I haven't witnessed a really good feeding session yet on the surface..I tend to not throw dries until I see feeding on the surface with some consistency. If I'm going to throw flies around aimlessly at the water, it will be a streamer looking for a big fish with a bad attitude or very hungry. I'm not one to try to convince the Trout there is a spinner fall and they really should be eating from the surface for a size 20 BWO. Sorry just not my cup of tea till it's obvious that is what I should be doing.


So the Trout season is officially going all the rivers are open, white morells are almost gone, dirt bike and atv's are on the trails and the riding will be muddy for the next couple days. Turkey hunters have been chasing the gobblers around and all the dumb ones are shot by now or spooked and know it's hunting season. Have fun and get outdoors in the woods or on the water and wet a line. Spring is here..

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