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April 23, 2013
Hi All
The fishing has been great even though the wadability has been poor. The fish bite is good in the high dirty water as long as it isn't total dirt/mud water. Even though it's been high, it's been running cleaner than you would expect. Most of the real muddy dirty stuff happens when the snow and ice drag part of the bank and leaves into the water while melting. That happened weeks ago in the first couple melts. The Streamer bite is improved because water temps have gone up. Keep the streamers small if you just want to catch a few fish. The fish have been well fed as of late thanks to our Steelhead run and high water. The Browns have room for small bites but the whole steak thing comes after the Steelhead leave and the egg flow is dropped way down.Tommy got one to eat the whole steak back on April 10th. the first time the river blew out and warmed a little. Jeff Hubbard and I hit the water for my second streamer trip April 18th. and found the fish rolling and looking at bigger stuff but only biting and eating small stuff..
Tommy Lynch is offering a Streamer School here May 26,27th..If your interested in learning how to tie streamers that Big Browns love and how to fish them. He is asking that you email him to make plans and discus rates etc.. His last streamer school was canceled this past weekend due to very high water.

Steelhead season has wound down for me. Next trips on the books are Trout trips here in May throwing streamers. There is still very good nymph and egg fishing for Trout and Steelhead if interested in a trip the Steelheading is very good for the next couple weeks...Give us a call..

If you are looking for room Memorial weekend a guy just canceled the whole place he had booked for a family reunion so our books are now wide open for that weekend. We have turned away a ton of people and my bad for not getting a large deposit, won't happen again. Feeling like the old "nice guys finish last". I thought he was a good solid customer, that's what I get for thinking. Well I have about a month to fill the whole place for the holiday weekend, hope the phones start to ring for that weekend..

Turkey season just opened up Monday the 22nd. it is going well for my friend Brad. He dumped one today and has called in 7 or 8 birds over the last couple days. The DNR released some trapped Turkeys up here this past Fall/ Winter. The area was hit hard a few years ago with low acorns crop, harsh winters and lots of snow depth and bad predation problems to boot. Also cold or wet springs will kill small chicks too. So a Wild Turkey living in Baldwin area is tough place to live and road hunting poachers get there fair share of Turkey dinners too. So they did a study or two and we qualified for some transplanted Turkeys from somewhere south of here..Wild Turkeys are taking over Southern Michigan. Lots of good crop land and tons of good habitat warmer temps and less Winter snow fall totals..Let's hope these new birds and our old birds have a good clutch of chicks and next year I'll be back to buying a Turkey license again. I haven't applied for 3 or 4 years now because bird #s were so low I didn't feel like hunting for 4 to 7 morning in a row to get a bird in a decimated hunting area. Sounds like gobble gobble time for all you license holders...


I have some friends I use to ride dirt bikes with are all out buying enduro bikes again. Yea ! I have a DRZ 400 duel sport and didn't know many people that rode so my bike has sat around a bunch. So I have been working on getting a rear wheel/ tire lock on so my tire doesn't spin off the rim again( that's fixed), all the insurance ,plates, orv stickers, fresh gas, new riding boots and I'm ready to ride the trails again..So I'll have to take it slow for the first month and I'm sure it will all come back to me.. Dirt here I come..

Off the subject no mushrooms have been reported up here yet because of late Spring..Looks like the Mushroom Festival in Mesick, Mi will be a good one timing wise this year..We had a old fashion Winter and late Spring like the old days when the festival started the timing was perfect most years then mother nature has went out of whack for a while..Now if we could just get back to wet September's and early snow on the ground for around the Bow Opener well be back to normal weather patterns I was use to back in the late 80's early 90's.. That's all I have for now..I have been updating my blog more often..So if the reports are stale check on our web site at Clint's Blog..
Tight lines, Happy Hunting





January 13, 2013

As of today's date, we have removed anonymous access of our live streaming web cam. What this means is that you will no longer be able to log on and take control of the camera and utilize it's pan, tilt and zoom features. You WILL however, still be able to view the camera any time you would like and we will make sure the camera is positioned in the best possible spots. This is a sad day for us. Our intention was to provide our guests and web site visitors the chance to use this camera and all of it's benefits. We have had a visitor that was misusing the camera and has made it impossible for us to continue providing it's benefits to everyone.

Thank you!






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