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April 4,  2013
Hi All

After some pretty cold days and nights, the weather seems to have finally made a turn for the better. It is supposed to be nice from here on out, I hope. The water out in the backyard looks like it's running pretty clean and has a light stain. Good streamer water other than the temp is still icy cold for a really good chase. If you throw the meat all day you will be rewarded at some point.. But the water needs 8 to 10 deg. more before the real good games begin with streamers. I like 45deg. and up just because there blood is moving better. Indy rigs and chuck and duck are the best game for #s of hook ups as of late.


Fishing has been consistent but haven't had any huge #s days a few Steelhead and a few Trout to the boat has been the norm, some days are better than that landing 4 for 5 Steelhead but haven't had a lot of those days yet. Steelhead are in the whole system top to bottom of the Pere Marquette river. I would know I have been fishing lower , middle and upper river and lower river is the toughest at the moment the water is pretty dirty and very high down there.

If you haven't heard, we have had a bunch of local businesses close over the winter for one reason or another. If you ever thought about a life style change and owning a small business in a small tourist town with lots of great fishing. There is a place for a new bar owner, and a diner and some empty buildings you could do what ever with.. I will go thru the list of closed possible opportunity's:  Eddies Log Bar (a land mark for fishermen is for sale) crazy this place is still for sale really. Oasis Bar burnt to the ground (will probably re-build and re-open or sell), Crossroads (bank owned) Village Cafe (bank owned), Kings Sporting Goods for sale, Video Shmideo pizza (bank owned), Main Stream Cafe may re-open but is closed at the moment. Some of the places for sale are due to recent deaths in the family which is the case for George King and Edie's place R.I P. both of you.. Sad to loose a couple pillars of the business community.
Here is some good news, Chase Creek Smokehouse has re- opened from the fire it had about 14 months ago. All brand new rebuilt. I haven't been to the new building yet as it just re- opened last week. We also have a new doughnut/coffee and fudge shop in town called Grandmas Treats located a few doors North of Debbie's Sportsman Lounge on the corner of the main West building down town. I think Grandmas Treats will do good there. I've heard good things about there fresh made doughnuts. Jones Ice Cream and Dairy Queen are re-opened as they are seasonal. Haven't heard anything out of Dave's Riverside Cafe but I would image I'll be getting one of his great Gyro's soon enough maybe in a couple weeks.
I started a new Blog on our web page. It is easier to keep up with smaller reports and pictures and . So keep a eye on that for a little more up to date reports. We might even go all high tec. and start a Facebook page. That is still in the works but something we probably should have done years ago I guess.

I have some good dates open here in April if your interested in a guided Trip ! April 7-11 and 14-17, 22-30th. All should be good Steelhead fishing either here on the Pere Marquette or the Muskegon river later in the season. Especially with the late Spring I could see the Steelhead run on the Mo. going till early May.
We'll that's all for now. Good luck on the water and I hope to see you here having a enjoyable stay or out enjoying the great rivers on the West side of this great state.
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January 13, 2013

As of today's date, we have removed anonymous access of our live streaming web cam. What this means is that you will no longer be able to log on and take control of the camera and utilize it's pan, tilt and zoom features. You WILL however, still be able to view the camera any time you would like and we will make sure the camera is positioned in the best possible spots. This is a sad day for us. Our intention was to provide our guests and web site visitors the chance to use this camera and all of it's benefits. We have had a visitor that was misusing the camera and has made it impossible for us to continue providing it's benefits to everyone.

Thank you!






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