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March 14th.  2013
Hi All
The thaw we were having earlier in the week slowed down and the river is dropping and clearing. Upper river looks great, Mid river still looks dirty and lower river is high but falling..Everything refroze hard and we had 2"-4" of snow after my last report. I went ice fishing a couple times and all the water on the lakes refroze and my holes were freezing up while I was fishing. So we are still making ice overnight.

I went on a quick float with my maintenance man Jim and we did well 2 nice Brown Trout and 3 Steelhead to hand. 2 of the Steelhead were chrome bumpers the pictures don't even do them justice. When the sun hit them they the right way they blinded me for a second. One male was older maybe a couple weeks in the system. Caught them on egg flies and casting plugs. So the new Spring fish are showing up with the added water like they should and right on time..
I have some good week days open to guide the next couple weeks March  18,20,21,22,25,26,27 ..
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March 12,  2013

Hi All
Steelhead season is here. The launches up here in the fly-water were busy, busy over the weekend. Full Spring parade mode. For the next 4 to 6 weeks is Spring Steelhead season with a few Streamer Trout trips mixed in. All rivers close by have a decent push of Spring and Winter hold over Steelies to catch. There is a good mix of fish in the holes and a few active redds going. The majority of the fish are in the holes or pockets still..

The rain and warmer temps the past couple days has melted off some of our snow, about 1/2 our snow pack. Today it's refreezing and snowing a little. A nice Steelhead wintry mix. The river out back isn't over it's banks but it's trying. Below the Baldwin River it's at it's banks and rippen fast. Mid river and lower river are blown out. The Scottville USGS graph is at a 45 deg angle up ward. This weekend could be good Mid and upper river. A word of caution on the Pere Marquette for boating and wading anglers this Spring. Drift boats do take on water and fill up in one second flat and waders do fill up too. Be careful out there ! The PM is either a Lion or a Pussycat she is getting around a lion cub stage. If it stops going up now this weekend should be perfect conditions.

Not much new and exciting other than booking rooms & trips, catching a few Steelhead and wrapping up ice fishing season.Last week a backhoe came in and removed all the slab ice & snow on the driveway and reclaimed some parking spaces here as well. Thanks Steve from H&H Excavating. I did some ice removal at Green Cottage stair case. That was a slippery slope no pun intended..It was warm and raining so it was time to get after it. My shoulder was feeling the burn from the ice chipper..Your all welcome ..It's solid ice like that every Spring..Still use caution we are still getting snow and ice on occasion..
If you looking for a trip or a room this Steelhead/ Trout season give us a call we have some great dates open for both. Peak season is here so try and play nice out there, and give people there space, were all out there to enjoy the great fishery we have in all the West Michigan Rivers.
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January 13, 2013

As of today's date, we have removed anonymous access of our live streaming web cam. What this means is that you will no longer be able to log on and take control of the camera and utilize it's pan, tilt and zoom features. You WILL however, still be able to view the camera any time you would like and we will make sure the camera is positioned in the best possible spots. This is a sad day for us. Our intention was to provide our guests and web site visitors the chance to use this camera and all of it's benefits. We have had a visitor that was misusing the camera and has made it impossible for us to continue providing it's benefits to everyone.

Thank you!






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