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February  2, 2012
Hi All
Been a while since I wrote..Where to start..In December I bought a new snowmobile and planned on riding a bunch this winter. The snow has been on the ground but I have only rode once around here for a day when we had 12"-14". Jeff Hubbard and I opened up a bunch of fresh trails Jan 19 th.. We had a great ride. The other times I have had the chance to ride have been in the U.P. with friends. On our first trip there was around 14" of snow Jan. 5th- 9th..The second trip there was around 22"-24" Jan. 20th.- 23 rd. and snow was a little better. This weekend will be my last ride in the U.P planned and there is still just over 2' on the ground where I'm going with the same core group of guys..So far I've gotten in about 600 miles of riding on a very bad snow year and the new sled is running great. I bought a 2011 Polaris 600 IQ Shift 136" track. A model year old but still new in the box. My last new sled was in 2002 Polaris a Indy 500 carb. What a difference in the two. There is nothing wrong with the old reliable 500 carb but they have made great improvements in ride and the power is crazy with better gas mileage to boot. I haven't had it stuck yet and by the looks of this season there won't be enough snow in Michigan to even get close. My big idea was to do a bunch of deep powder trail riding and try to get that thing buried.Oh well maybe next year..

Next, Ice Fishing..Ice has been like the snow, a little thin, and just enough to get some time in and have some fun but not a great season. Ice was late, scary and the fishing has been hit or miss. I have had a couple good days on Hamlin and Portage 2 big lakes North of Ludington but the local lakes have been off. Off, as in small fish and very few keepers for me. This one will go in the books as a very mild winter..I guess it makes up for the really tough, harsh and long winter we had last season. This may be all good news for some but I don't like it. It's bad for businesses everywhere, no snow pack is bad for lake and river levels, little to no ice is bad for the Great Lakes as well because of the constant evaporation and the ice normaly helps hold that moisture in. I guess there is still 4 to 6 weeks to make a winter happen but I'm not betting on it kicking in any time soon..


Next, Spring Steelheading..It feels like Spring, acts like Spring, must be Spring..Fish On Gravel, What!! Yes, already..They think it's Spring as well. Roads are a icy mess but the good news even if you slide off the ice there isn't enough snow/ slush to get stuck even in a front wheel drive car. I would get your dates in the books for the Spring run based on the weather patterns it could be a little early to very early this year. We hit 50 deg. on Monday, 40 deg. Tuesday, 40 deg. Wednesday, 45 deg. today and you get the picture..The run off has the river a little up and a little color but all and all great shape to fish. I had a group trip yesterday with Tommy Lynch and fishing was good. We had a hard time landing them with the new anglers we had but the hookups were there and the weather was great. Egg flies were the main course and the strike indicators floating along in the holes and they  were dropping. All but one got away and it was a very nice 12 lb. buck.. 


Prior to this last guide trip I have just been fun fishing with friends and guides Tommy, Brian K., John R., John S., Keith K., Sean, Jim etc... thru December and January along with some snowmobiling and ice fishing.The days are getting longer and the fish are getting restless in the rivers. I'll be out of town this weekend but my guide schedule is wide open after Monday when I get home. If you have CABIN FEVER and are looking to Steelhead and Trout fish give us a call. We have rooms open as well if your just going to walk around the banks or have your own boat. You Just Can't Beat This Weather For Fishing Were Having..



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