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February  26, 2013

Hi All,

Just still in Winter mode up here. I was on a little fishing vacation to Mountain Home AR. to fish Trout on the White River from Feb. 12th- 17th. It was fun down there to have no snow on the ground and fishing streamers like we would in the Spring here. It was a 13 hour drive for me. The roads are fun from Poplar Bluff Mo. to Mt. Home AR., hilly and curvy. I may have to go back down in the summer with my motorcycles for a ride. That is something I need to plan. The fishing was great. I was throwing mostly medium to large streamers and caught Brown Trout every day from 15" to 19" and a bunch of Rainbow Trout from 10" to 14", all on streamers. I went down there with Tommy Lynch's group and our guides were Alex Lafkas and Chad Johnson out of Dally's Ozark Fly Fishers. Last time I was in that neck of the woods was around Branson, Mo. when I was a teenager on Table Rock Lake water skiing and Bass fishing.

The one day they didn't run the water on the White River and  we did a half day streamer/nymph and the other half, night time mousing. The other 3 days they ran plenty of water for our float trips to rip streamers. I'll give Arkansas one thing, on the White River they were smart enough to have a bottom draw to get the cold water for the great Trout fishery. Wish Michigan would have taken a page from that book. I guess they are just smarter than us OR our tail water's would be in better shape in the summer months. On the down side, they only run the water in AR. when they need power (they run/maintain a min. of 50 cfs) which seems to be just enough to keep the fishery alive and well. Where our rivers have a better average flow is something we do slightly better here in Michigan (due to our DNR). If the power company in MI. had it there way it would only run to make money/energy too. We still need to add bottom draws of a 1'-2' dia. pipes on a few of our dams only for summer high temps cooking the Trout fishery's of our tail-waters.. The guides told me they plant 2 million 10" rainbows stockers in the White River and those Big Browns eat good..Kinda sad they have a fishery like that in the heat of the South 13 hours away and Michigan can't do just a few more things the right way to build something like that in this state. The Muskegon River is the closest to the size of the White River AR.  and would be a great place to start building a Trophy Trout & Put and Take Trout fishery like that one.

I went on a snowmobile trip right after my last fishing report January 18 th.-21 st. to Calumet Michigan. It was a good ride. They got some good snow right before and during our ride. So the conditions went from good to great. It was as cold as I've ever rode in. The high was 5 degrees and the low was -15 degrees. Even their snow fall was way down for that time of year. Winter was off to a late start this year. When we were there it was probably the deepest snow in the state at the time. We usually ride around Munising but they had less snow and we had already booked our trip for the Keweenaw Peninsula. When we went up there was about 18" of snow in the hills and when we left there was close to 3' of snow. So it was great deep powder off trail riding on the last couple days. That is what we were there for.

Ice fishing has remained good. I've been out Perch, Crappy and Blue Gill fishing on local lakes, PM Lake, Portage Lake. The ice is still great. 8"+ on many of them of good hard ice..I took a couple (Heather and Chris) out ice fishing this past weekend on Saturday and taught them the benefits of using electronic fish finders (vexilars) and what jigs works best on our local lakes. They hadn't been out much because of unsafe ice down by Indiana. We did well with 13 Crappy and 7 Perch in the bucket + a bunch of throw back size fish on a half day.

I had a river guide trip this Sunday with a long time client Pete. We had a great time but the bite was slow in the fly water for us and the others we spoke with that day. We did M-37 to Gleasons hooked 3 fish and landed a 14" brown and lost 2 Steelhead, one came unbuttoned and the other one took him to the wood. It was a nymph bite with Stone's and Hex's running the show. Nothing on a egg and we fished them a while. Water is low and clear up top. Boat launches are in good shape up top and no shelf ice, anchor ice, or slush..So the river was fish able they just weren't turned on that day.

I don't have much else to add I will be out Steelheading pretty consistently in the near future scouting and doing trips. So if your interested in a guided trip give me a call. I have lots of great days open in March and April for guided trips and rooms as well here at the Red Moose Lodge. Peak Steelhead season is headed our way if you want to JUST beat the crowds book trips for sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks after March 15 th. it's peak season for the most part till the end of April.

Speaking of Peak Season we have decided to remove Peak Season Rates for March 15. - April 30 th. So You Save Some Money..So it is Regular Season Rates for lodging during the Steelhead & Trout Season now here thru the Summer..Mostly because last year's Steelhead Run was all but over by the first week in April due to our unusual hot weather we had last Spring.

Thanks For Reading, Hope To See You All Soon Around The Lodge or On The River !

Tight Lines,






January 13, 2013

As of today's date, we have removed anonymous access of our live streaming web cam. What this means is that you will no longer be able to log on and take control of the camera and utilize it's pan, tilt and zoom features. You WILL however, still be able to view the camera any time you would like and we will make sure the camera is positioned in the best possible spots. This is a sad day for us. Our intention was to provide our guests and web site visitors the chance to use this camera and all of it's benefits. We have had a visitor that was misusing the camera and has made it impossible for us to continue providing it's benefits to everyone.

Thank you!






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