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March 20 2012
Hi All
The weather has been hot and so is the fishing. We skipped Spring and went to Summer "it's 85 deg. today". After the water started to drop, clear, and warm the fish are everywhere mid and upper river. Most are spawning fish either on the rocks or resting near by from the gravel games. If you were looking to fish pre-spawn Steelhead you missed it. The fish moving thru the lower river are full throttle to the gravels going so fast there's no time to eat. If your looking to fish spawning fish it's going gang busters right now. These fish are spawning fast and it kinda resembles Salmon season at the moment but with prettier fish. My last trips on March 4th.,6th., and 10 th. were the last good pre-spawn fish and the water was cold and the conditions were cold as well. After that it's been all spawning fish with a mix of new and old Steelhead .

The pressure up in the bug water has been very busy with boats and walk -in anglers.. It's peak Steelhead season folks for the next 4 weeks "Please be pleasant to your fellow anglers". The good news is there is more fish than people and everyone has been having good to great days as of last week around the 13th. Even though the water was high and ripping a few more days after the 13th till the 16th. fishing was strong and has remained that way since. In another couple days I'm going to say we need some rain and color. The river has dropped a bunch and is wadeable at the moment up top and in the mid sections still tough to cross and need a boat to cover enough water to find fish.


All methods have been working: casting & drop back plugs, flies on cuck&duck and indicator rigs with nymphs, eggs, and small streamers. The streamer game has begun on the PM. When the water was high, cold and dirty and I had the itch but herd the bite wasn't there yet. Now that the water has warmed to the high 40's the chase and bite is there and it's game on. We hit 7 teen size Browns yesterday out fishing with a friend Greg along with plenty of Steelhead on c&d and indi rigs.

I have plenty of open us to book a trip!
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